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How it Works

See How Simple it is to join us

What is Tadamun Card ?

Tadamun card gives you access to a wide array of discounted healthcare services and products. Everyone can use discount card to receive access to a substantial savings of up to 50% on healthcare services. These services are provided by a reputable global network of hospitals, clinics, healthcare and life style facilities. The card is best used whether you are self-pay or as a supplement if you have a traditional medical insurance that does not cover many procedures and medications. Our discount medical card is an excellent way to fill this gap.

Cosmetology, dermatology, eye care, dental care, hearing, fitness, life style saloon, nutrition, chiropractic, and alternative medicine

Bariatric, plastic surgery and general surgery with a variety of its subspecialties

General Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, general pediatrics and their subspecialties

Prescriptions or over the counter drugs, cosmetics, laboratories

How to Use Tadamun Card ..

- First you need to register through web portal or mobile application to receive your physical or electronic subscription card - Check our network for a full list of service providers and discounts they provide for different services and products. - Whenever you need one of the services, proceed to the selected center with your subscription card and your ID, provide them at the reception or service desk. - Remember, Tadamun Card is not insurance document, also services are not valid with any other offers or promotions, all services are valid only for card holder and upon providing valid ID, no further documents are needed or approvals are needed,.