Become A Partner

At Tadamun we love establishing and nourishing mutually beneficial partnerships


With our multi-partner program, you amplify the most valuable thing you have: the relationship with your customers. As a partner, we are at your side to offer personalized consultation and marketing channels.

Let's Redefine Customer Relationships!

Upgraded Customer Experience

Happy customers come back for your services more often and are also expected to spend extravagantly. With the Tadamun Card data-driven marketing, you can get data that is worth millions to your business. Become acquainted with your customers’ interests, preferences, and needs so you can always make the right offers – at the right time through the right channel.

Boost Brand Awareness, Trust, & Sales

With Tadamun partners’ program, create an authentic and long-term value creation strategy for your customers and your company. This drives enhanced brand awareness, profitability, long-term growth, trust, and sales success for your brand.
Satisfying customers and helping you succeed in your business are our prime intentions. Together we can build a loyal community to upsurge your customer relationships & take your business to the next level!

Acquire New Clients

You can use the Tadamun card to reach your potential customers with tailor-made and discounted offers that they can’t get anywhere else. Expand your customer base by utilizing data-driven marketing.

Join Our Networks!

To join our partners’ networks, you’ll only need to fill in a form with your details, and one of our team members will be in touch to help you explore the benefits of joining Tadamun Partner’s network.